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About Me

In my practice

I work with individuals (ages 13+), couples, and families on the following issues:

  • ADHD

  • Chronic Illness Management

  • Gender identity & expression

  • Relationships

  • Sexual orientation exploration

  • Spirituality 

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Transition related topics

I believe in a confidential, integrative, and supportive approach to therapy in a safe and affirming space. I believe that developing a therapeutic relationship in which you feel safe enough to look at what you bring into therapy, can help one learn to address those issues. Engaging in therapy is brave and healthy way to manage those things in life that perplex us, that are not conducive to a happy life.

There are times in our lives when we need someone who will listen to us and help us understand and work on what is bothering us. Therapy is a place where we can learn about ourselves and then gain tools that we will be able to use throughout our lives. That way, when something hits us that we need to sort through in order to continue living the life that we want, we have those tools.

I am a person with a transgender history with several years of life experience in the greater LGBTQ+ community who navigates the world with an inclusive and embracing attitude. I have a shared history, although our experiences are unique to each of us, with anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, marginalization, chronic pain, gender identity, expression & exploration, sexual orientation exploration, oppression, discrimination and other life experiences.

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